Reservation Cancellation Policy for VIP activities and tours

Cancellation by the Customer

The online platform acts as an intermediary between the customers and the company. Therefore, when you book an excursion through the online platform, you are booking directly with the company for your ultimate entertainment.

Each activity is assigned to one of the following four cancellation policies:

  1. In case of cancellations two days before, the company keeps the 100% of the price of the excursion. In case of cancellation between three and seven days from the predetermined excursion date, the company keeps 30%. In the event that the excursion is canceled due to natural causes (e.g. prohibition of swimming with a red flag due to strong winds, landslides, etc.) and up to two previous days, the customer can choose a different excursion with the same money or the company returns the entire amount.
  2. In the event that the customer does not appear at the predetermined location up to twenty-five minutes from the predetermined time and once the facilities managers have been informed, refunds will not be made.
  3. In case of changing dates (which can be done up to 2 times per person) and if there are available seats for the excursion, this change will be charged an extra 10 euros per person for every next change. If there are no seats available, the excursion will be canceled and the company will keep 50%.
  4. In case of the excursion is canceled by the company all the amount will be returned.

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